Stem Cell

Stem cells maintain the potential of turning into many cell lines together with cartilage, organ tissue, muscle, bone, tendon, & more. All of the stem cell therapies offered by Iffat Anwar Medical Complex include millions of stem cells and also billions of exosomes. There is a minimum of four methods of action that the somatic cell biologics offer when administered:

Paracrine Actions – cell to cell communication that amps up one’s body’s regeneration & repair processes.

Immunomodulation – reduces the body fighting which is against itself.

Inflammation Reduction – chronic inflammation is one of the most important mediators of disease, and therefore the biologic reduces it chronically.

Reduces necrobiosis – this is often called anti-apoptosis, and means the biologic helps keep necessary cells alive to function longer.

New vessel Formation – the term for this is often angiogenesis. Blood vessels assist bring nutrients & oxygen to the damaged tissue.

Inhibits connective tissue – tons of conditions, like organ failure, cause considerable connective tissue. This is called fibrosis.

Our stem cell unit is a purpose-built facility that allows us to treat and care for patients with serious blood disorders and blood cancers.