Spinal Cord Injury

As a national leader in spinal cord injury care & research, Iffat Anwar Medical Complex examines ways to boost the quality of life for people who’ve experienced a spinal cord injury (SCI). Our comprehensive spinal cord injury program is tailored to satisfy individuals who must optimize recovery & improve independence in patients.

Our spinal cord injury rehabilitation specialists work together as a team to design a personalized plan for recovery to facilitate prevent complications and help patients recover as much function as possible. At our spinal cord injury treatment center, we try to confirm patients and families are an integral part of their recovery team.

Rehabilitation services for the spinal cord injuries may include the following:

Our experts specialize in spinal cord injury and treat a high volume of inpatients. As a result, we’ve more experience dealing with all levels of spinal cord injuries, that including those in people who are ventilator-dependent or have a dual diagnosis of spinal cord & brain injury.