Physiotherapy is an associate evidence-based healthcare profession that views human movement as central to health and welfare. It aims to maintain, restore & improve your function after disease or injury, thus you can get back to doing what you love and enjoy an injury-free lifestyle that doesn’t hold you back.

Conditions which will physiotherapy be beneficial for:

Physiotherapists at Iffat Anwar Medical Complex assess the underlying reason behind your joint, muscle, or nervous tissue, and using a combination of therapeutic exercises and manual therapy to treat the symptoms whereas providing lifestyle advice and education to assist you to get better and keep better.

All of our physiotherapists have expertise in treating a good range of symptoms and ailments. However, if you’re unsure which physiotherapist to see, our front desk team is going to be ready to recommend someone who will best suit your described symptoms or condition.

We are the biggest referral from the leading consultants. Individual evaluation and personal attention to each patient/client is that the key to the successful outcome of the therapy.