Pain Management Hospital

Iffat Anwar Medical Complex for Pain Management offers extremely individualized inpatient and outpatient care to assist people to lead productive, pleasurable lives, free of the complications of chronic pain. Because every person perceives pain differently, patients are inspired to be active partners in their care. Continued personal involvement is vital to correct diagnosis and therefore the most winning treatment & rehabilitation possible. Whether or not your pain is from illness, surgery, accident, or any other cause, Iffat Anwar Hospital’s pain specialists use a good type of therapy to provide relief for your specific condition.

With applicable pain control, you may not only recover faster however also have a reduced risk of developing sure complications like blood clots and respiratory disease. If your pain is well controlled, you’re better able to interact in important activities such as walking & deep breathing exercises. Our health care team works closely with all patients to stop and relieve pain.

Pain management options may also include: