Endoscopic Disc Decompression

“Minimally invasive procedures for fractured vertebrae and pain”

What is Kyphoplasty/Vertebroplasty?

It is used to correct the bone disproportion which relieves the pain that comes due to spinal compression fractures.

What is its procedure?

A tube is inserted in your damaged vertebrae but making a cut at your back, then a thin flexible catheter tube is inserted into your vertebrae with a balloon on its tip to balance your fractured bone. The cavity is created to inflate the balloon and then it filled up with bone cement through injection.

Before the bone cement gets harder, the balloon is removed.

The only difference between them is that in Kyphoplasty there is a use of balloon ad cavity production. While in vertebroplasty cement is injected by using the fluoroscopy is used for the guidance

“Minimally invasive procedures for fractured vertebrae and pain”

After the surgery probably takes 2-3 hours for recovery then you will be encouraged to have a little walk. In the start, some sourness will be there but will go away soon.

Regular checkups are suggested and then you can go back to your normal life after some time however some activities are avoided according to your condition.