chronic liver disease treatment in lahore

Chronic Liver Disease is the disease of liver that can last over a period of six months to one year depending on how much the liver is affected. Some of the common terms associated with Chronic Liver Disease include Hepatitis, Liver inflammation, Hepatocellular Carcinoma and Liver Cirrhosis. CLD leads to damaging the liver by replacing the healthy liver tissue with the scar tissue and prevents the liver from functioning properly. In case the disease is not diagnosed and treated at the right time, there can be severe damage to the liver resulting in liver failure and most possibly death. According to a latest survey about 30,000 individuals die of Chronic Liver Disease every year.

Liver performs large number of important functions for the body such as removal of waste from the body including toxins, making bile to help in food digestion, storage of sugar in the body for energy, and formation of new proteins. All these functions are affected greatly when the scar tissue slows down the blood processing by the Liver. Since other body systems are also connected, the entire body cycle is impacted and can often lead to liver failure.

Causes of Chronic Liver Disease (Cirrhosis)

There are several causes of Chronic Liver Disease; most common ones are listed below:

There are some inherited diseases that get passed on from parents to children and develop Cirrhosis such as:

Symptoms of Chronic Liver Disease

There is a great variation of symptoms depending on how severe your CLD or Cirrhosis is. Initial or mild stages do not show any symptoms at all. However, some of the prominent ones include:

How is Chronic Liver Disease or Cirrhosis Diagnosed?

Blood Tests – are conducted to see if the Liver is functioning properly by checking whether the blood is able to clot or not. In case the blood doesn’t clot properly it is a clear indication of Cirrhosis.
CT scan – is an imaging test that shows the status of bones, muscles, fat and different organs that are impacted due to CLD
MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) – helps in taking the detailed pictures of structures and organs inside the body after inserting a dye through the veins. The dye makes the liver and other organs more prominent.
Ultrasound – uses the high frequency sound waves along with a computer screen to take images of the blood vessels, tissues and organs of the body.
Liver Biopsy – Sample of Liver tissues is taken to check under the microscope and analyse the type of Liver disease patient is suffering from.

Chronic Liver Disease (Cirrhosis) Treatment at IAMC

Based on the various diagnostic tests and established conditions, IAMC Liver treatment experts recommend the appropriate medication and treatments.