Acupuncture and how it works?

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is the implementation of impaling the skin with thin metallic needles which are then activated through gentle and particular movements of the practitioner’s hands or with electrical stimulation.

Though the needles left a little injury at the insertion point of the skin, but it makes the wound healing, stimulate the immune system and causes pain modulation.

Basically, it is a Chinese medication technique where they believe that using needles in that specific area of your body you can re-balance your energy flow. Contrary to this, western researchers believe that this treatment stimulates the connectivity between your body tissues and muscles which is a natural pain killer.

Which Pain can be Managed by Acupuncture?

A lot of patients have claimed to be cured of this treatment; the variety of conditions and pains which include:


But these risks are very rare to occur.

Where to get Acupuncture Treatment?

Every doctor has their unique style to perform this procedure, some use entirely western way or some may use the fusion of western and eastern process. But you must be closely examined before the start of your treatment i.e your lifestyle, body behaviors and pain symptoms, the strength and quality of your pulse or sometimes your face and tongue colors are also examined.

Some conditions may require more than one session but usually only one session is performed in 7-10 days. The general number of sessions in a treatment is between 6-8.

During the procedure the doctor usually shares and discuss the plan with you, the acupuncture points can be found in any part of the body that might be very far from your affected body part.

Process include he needle insertion, the needles are then gently moved and twirled in the right directed, then a very mind electrical pulse in given to the needle. The session is usually between 15 to 20 minutes.


Some patients feel instant relaxation or some might get in little time. But if the patients don’t feel any improvement in a week, then this might not be the right treatment for them.