About Us

Iffat Anwar Medical Complex is the state-of-the-art, multidisciplinary Medical facility providing specialized services in the fields of Regenerative Medicine and Pain Management since 2000. Over the past 17 years IAMC has treated almost 67000 patients suffering from chronic pain including Cancer pain and inherent diseases like Muscular Dystrophy, Autism and Cerebral Palsy. We integrate traditional holistic modalities like Acupuncture with most modern evidence based and effective modalities like fluoroscopic guided nerve blocks and radio frequency lessening to offer best possible pain relieving services to patients suffering from acute or chronic pain.

With over a decade of experience in Stem cell treatment (Regenerative Medicine), IAMC has established itself as a leading organization providing WHO (World Health Organization) approved, Economical health services. Our aim is to serve the deserving humanity to help people live a better tomorrow.

IAMC has invested quality time in integrating the latest advancements in medical procedures and technology, while delivering ground breaking healthcare solutions. Our top of the list health managing solutions include Non-Operative Procedures, Interventional Pain Management, Acupuncture, Photo Bio Modulation, Physical Therapy and Stem cell treatment.
Since we are dealing not just with patients’ physiological issues but also their emotional and psychological problems, the hospital has been designed with the ideology of providing a stress free relaxing platform. The hospital building does not give an impression of a hospital at all. Most of the patients get the feeling of a spa as soon as they walk into the treatment rooms. The idea is to keep our patients stress free right from their entrance into the facility till the procedure is completed.

IAMC is equipped with latest machinery and treatments kits that are purchased from FDA approved vendors in order to provide our patients with a world class treatment. Despite, providing outstanding industry compliant services we are keeping the treatments at a minimal price to reduce the financial burden on their families. We take pride in motivating people with little or no hope for an effective treatment. With highly qualified psychologists on board we are able to provide counseling sessions along with the diagnostic sessions to understand the actual problem to its core.
Our Unique practice model provides seamlessly coordinated care under one roof, by the nation’s top specialists resulting in patients returning to their active lifestyles quickly and safely.


Iffat Anwar Medical Complex after achieving great success at Lahore has now opened a new branch in Bahawalpur, “Pain, Spine and Stroke Clinic” to unleash more avenues for patients suffering from chronic pain due to diseases like arthritis, spine degeneration, nerve compressions and genetic diseases like Parkinson’s disease, Autism, Cerebral Palsy and patients with chronic pain associated with life threatening diseases like Cancer. With success stories of Interventional pain management and Regenerative medicine all across Pakistan, IAMC is now planning to enhance the accessibility of intensive medical care by establishing specialized units in more than one city. Setting up a facility in Bahawalpur has facilitated advanced healthcare for several patients in vicinity who are facing mobility issues.

Pain, Spine and Stroke Clinic, Bahawalpur is the only medical facility providing these unique interventional pain modalities to the patients in the entire city. The formal opening of the center was conducted by setting up a Pain treatment camp by Dr. Shahzad Anwar and Dr. Syed Shahab ud Din at the Grand Regency Hotel. Target audience of the camp included Pain physicians, Surgeons, Gynecologists, Pediatricians, Senior managers, Territory managers and about 40 patients who were invited especially for the camp. An interactive session held by Dr. Shahzad Anwar was a huge learning experience for patients as well as the practicing physicians.

IAMC is one of the very few organizations that have played a vital role in arising hope among people who have accepted various diseases to be their fate and lifelong partners. IAMC as an organization has established evidence based treatment modalities truly derived from the research we have conducted and invested in over years. Our treatment plans include physical and mental therapies that address the patient’s psychology and stress related to the diseases. Our research department has outperformed our competitors by setting up industry benchmarks and increasing network of satisfied clients.

Our Mission

Our future endeavors include setting up similar facilities in other big and small cities to enhance the awareness of advanced medical procedure across the nation, while enabling people to live a smooth, healthier and pain free life.

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